Session 7

After leaving the magno-trap room I lost them again! But somehow managed to leave that area and head towards the exit. I figured they would not go towards the Jello and so I went another way. Found a steam room, they were not there. I then went to find a weird tilting room, pretty harmless unless you get stuck between dwarves with hammers and Kobolds with Spears when they roll around. Heading further north I went to a room with two unreadable tablets in it. I skipped through here as I didn’t understand the scripts. North again was a room with seats and a trumpet in it. On the East eastern wall there was an open secret door, which lead away to another open secret door. which then lead to Cleaver and MakieD looking at a skeleton. Cleaver put on a black glove which turned his hand to stone! They also found slippers in this room which were magical. As I was reflecting on how I hated what the Trogloydites did to me recently Cleaver put his stone forearm through a wall and we were in a new battle with Kobolds. We killed them, finding one of them to be none less than Kerrdremak the Priest of the Kobolds mentioned to us by a prisoner kobold. We retreated to then rest and later advance north where more kobolds were found and MackieD used the holy club of Kerrdremak to send another Kobold down a pit of doom. We also contributed to this bloodletting of kobolds and then found Ghouls. MackieD did immence damage to them before they could engage us. WOW Great work Eristil we love you!

Do we go down the pit, in the caves or look to find what is weeping next?…

Don’t forget plot hooks for DM.



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