Pip McDougall


Pip grew up in a frontier town, the youngest of six he was regularly overlooked. He joined the local militia at a young age, unfortunately the leaders of the town were more interested in adventuring in the wilderness than building the town. The town steadily slid into disorder until the day that the king died on one of his adventures where all hell broke lose. The leader of
militia quickly took control and started removing opposition.

Pip felt uncomfortable about this and quickly fled the town, he got separated from his family. Lost in the wilderness he was found by the Order of Eristal, he quickly found that he had a connection with his brothers of the order.

When the portal was opened word got back to the Order the brothers wanted to send a representative of the Order through the portal. Pip was respected by his brothers but the Orders elders did not like his popularity and chose to send him through.

Pip McDougall

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