Session 4 & 5

The party returned to the dwarven tower after killing a wandering zombie ogre just outside town.

The tower was explored and its troglodyte inhabitants were slain.

Luckily, Henry, who had been missing for almost a month, was found inside. He had been severely beaten but was otherwise ok.

Henry’s Update:
After the brave heros released me from my bonds there was much rejoycing and discussion. Meeting Nokism was a brief event and soon enough the adventurers and I opened the next door to be met by a fowl stench and an aggressive half starved fully driven to kamakazee giant frog that attacked the Soldier that watches over us, sadly one had to die and the frog unknowingly met its paradoxyl end in moments.

Soon enough we then found the way to the top of the tower and found the Kobold leader who kept a pet Alligator! These two were slain in short order. I found myself knocked out, weakened, swarmed, saved a chest of treasure from falling off a collapsing tower, which contained lots and lots of magic items amongst other stuff. I see it as a reward for my rescuers, as aside from escaping with my life, killing the leader of my captors, there was little else I left this evil tower with.

We look forward to BBQ Alligator for many a night to follow.





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