Session 8

In this exciting instalment of Maccy D and his Pip Pop Krew, our brave heroes fought a fire dog. They showed sensitivity to the mentally ill when fighting a crazy undead dwarf with living chains wrapped round him with Henry discovering the magical battle hammer of kunus which he presented to our one handed Cleaver they found and rescued the overseers son Duran. Apon leaving heard sounds of battle unable to resist a good fight (well any fight were we can loot bodies) our intrepid heroes went to have a look. Turns out Egan (bard turned scout when it turned out no-one wants a magician in a fledgeling civilisation) and a child fighting heaps of kobolds. Our heroes strike fear into the hearts of the kobolds making them run away, straight into Mr Gelatinous Cube. Our heroes ran away like frightened children and camped for the night to heal up, re equip and reassure each other that they really are bad asses.

They venture in the next day, leaving Egan with the kids. The enter the familiar steam room and find Mr G. Cube. There is quick debate as to whether they should run away. Then they run away! They run like little girls. Little girls running away from cotton balls. They eventually get back to where they found the kobolds (after soon Scooby Doo esqu running away), carefully they go up the corridor to look for the children and try to block the cube….with a door. It appears to work and our athletic heroes find themselves in a dark crypt of the dwarves with a ten pole given light, thanks to Eristal. Pip works out that the skeleton in the crypt could be undead, but before Pip can warn the team, Henry the impulsive hares off down toward the sound and finds a child this racket wakes up the skeletons from their peaceful slumber. The child hides under the anvil, and henry can not get to him, he returns to the group but head attacked by the socially challenged skeletons. The remaining skeletons then move towards Pip and Cleaver. Eristall is obviously to focused on lighting up the ten foot pole of light and gives Pip a pitiful channel. Cleaver gets tapped a couple of times and abandons Pip to face the full force of the skeletons. Pip puts on a brave face and shows valour as he gets taken down with his last ounce of consciousness he mutters something under his breath before darkness takes him….and the rest of the team in actual darkness as Eristall gets distracted. Cleaver and henry fight side by side forcing the skeletons to funnel through to them. Cleaver puts on a clear demonstration of how to aggressively negotiate with skeletons and the last skeleton does down. The child is rescued and Pip is man handled back to Egan who does have a potion of healing (luckily).



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