Session 8

In this exciting instalment of Maccy D and his Pip Pop Krew, our brave heroes fought a fire dog. They showed sensitivity to the mentally ill when fighting a crazy undead dwarf with living chains wrapped round him with Henry discovering the magical battle hammer of kunus which he presented to our one handed Cleaver they found and rescued the overseers son Duran. Apon leaving heard sounds of battle unable to resist a good fight (well any fight were we can loot bodies) our intrepid heroes went to have a look. Turns out Egan (bard turned scout when it turned out no-one wants a magician in a fledgeling civilisation) and a child fighting heaps of kobolds. Our heroes strike fear into the hearts of the kobolds making them run away, straight into Mr Gelatinous Cube. Our heroes ran away like frightened children and camped for the night to heal up, re equip and reassure each other that they really are bad asses.

They venture in the next day, leaving Egan with the kids. The enter the familiar steam room and find Mr G. Cube. There is quick debate as to whether they should run away. Then they run away! They run like little girls. Little girls running away from cotton balls. They eventually get back to where they found the kobolds (after soon Scooby Doo esqu running away), carefully they go up the corridor to look for the children and try to block the cube….with a door. It appears to work and our athletic heroes find themselves in a dark crypt of the dwarves with a ten pole given light, thanks to Eristal. Pip works out that the skeleton in the crypt could be undead, but before Pip can warn the team, Henry the impulsive hares off down toward the sound and finds a child this racket wakes up the skeletons from their peaceful slumber. The child hides under the anvil, and henry can not get to him, he returns to the group but head attacked by the socially challenged skeletons. The remaining skeletons then move towards Pip and Cleaver. Eristall is obviously to focused on lighting up the ten foot pole of light and gives Pip a pitiful channel. Cleaver gets tapped a couple of times and abandons Pip to face the full force of the skeletons. Pip puts on a brave face and shows valour as he gets taken down with his last ounce of consciousness he mutters something under his breath before darkness takes him….and the rest of the team in actual darkness as Eristall gets distracted. Cleaver and henry fight side by side forcing the skeletons to funnel through to them. Cleaver puts on a clear demonstration of how to aggressively negotiate with skeletons and the last skeleton does down. The child is rescued and Pip is man handled back to Egan who does have a potion of healing (luckily).

Session 7

After leaving the magno-trap room I lost them again! But somehow managed to leave that area and head towards the exit. I figured they would not go towards the Jello and so I went another way. Found a steam room, they were not there. I then went to find a weird tilting room, pretty harmless unless you get stuck between dwarves with hammers and Kobolds with Spears when they roll around. Heading further north I went to a room with two unreadable tablets in it. I skipped through here as I didn’t understand the scripts. North again was a room with seats and a trumpet in it. On the East eastern wall there was an open secret door, which lead away to another open secret door. which then lead to Cleaver and MakieD looking at a skeleton. Cleaver put on a black glove which turned his hand to stone! They also found slippers in this room which were magical. As I was reflecting on how I hated what the Trogloydites did to me recently Cleaver put his stone forearm through a wall and we were in a new battle with Kobolds. We killed them, finding one of them to be none less than Kerrdremak the Priest of the Kobolds mentioned to us by a prisoner kobold. We retreated to then rest and later advance north where more kobolds were found and MackieD used the holy club of Kerrdremak to send another Kobold down a pit of doom. We also contributed to this bloodletting of kobolds and then found Ghouls. MackieD did immence damage to them before they could engage us. WOW Great work Eristil we love you!

Do we go down the pit, in the caves or look to find what is weeping next?…

Don’t forget plot hooks for DM.

Session 6

Returning to town found Henry stronger and more fortified with his lifesblood returned thanks to MackeeD the illustrious priest of Erastil and some well needed rest. The three of us, Cleave included returned to town leaving Nareed and Nokism to brave the wilderness for a few more days. The new library “Obsidian Portal” in town was a welcome improvement.

Upon returning, Henry went straight to “The Laughing Vagabond” to eat and celebrate his return to a safer place, compared to the dungeon and cliff hanging realm he had been whiile outside the walls of Buovere. Meanwhile MackeeD and Cleave returned the Overseer’s dog neck ring to him and his family. By the time MackeeD and Cleave returned to the Tavern there was a large crowd listening to tales of adventure. During this time we discussed conscripting work to build and own an Inn as well as a Temple of Erastil.

In time, the hunters came back to town screaming like teenaged humans with a mere 3 Kobold zombies chasing them. They had been hunting to the East. We tidied up their mess, while the head of Cleave became our beacon we sustained considerable injuries and then found our way to the center of town.

Near the tavern there was a woman crying about having lost 5 children and they were last seen outside the city! Cleave, glowing, lead the charge out of the gates where we found the kids had left clear signs of a scuffle but, before we could go on we were under attack by Elvin Gouls attacking us from the West! Elves to the West, Kobolds to the East! I was soundly attacked clearly evading the claw attacks but the bite of the Ghoul got me and PARALYSED me! I was potentially a Ghoul’s dinner! Cleave saved the day dispatching of both in moments and my health restored with time and more blessings of Erastil. Cleave’s head had stopped glowing and now his sword was alight!

We rested a night and followed the tracks some more and eventually found the Kobold Lair that Cleave knows all to well as that also of the Gelatinous Cube home. Guarding the door was 6 Kobolds. We slew 4 and 2 became our friends. Their names: Kibo & Jardreb and work for an opposing tribe. They advised us that this other tribe took the “pink skinned blood bags down below” They praised Cleave as the “Grand Chop Chop” and myself as the “Grand Snnakey Smooth”. They warned us of “The floating armour of death” and told us that “the Priest Kardromak” is on level 2. It also seemed that “the Chief Jaker Jak” is there too along with his consort, “Vrigm”

Leaving the entry room we then found a way down that had a red hot bottom. We left this thinking it to be too hot to handle. We then found a dead body of a Kobold being eaten by dire rats which then attacked us, Cleave killed them and we found a note which on the dead kobold which advised us of:

  • Secret of Dwarves should remain below ground
  • Shhoskar, the Dwarven god of Pain and toil is bad to Kobolds
  • Martin the Kobold priest is lost (dead)
  • Kimerik a Kobold is lost (dead)

We then found a double door which Cleave opened and entered and set off a trap which closed the doors and two Zuargouilles attacked him. With the intervention of Erastil Cleave was preserved and in so doing we will all continue to do the great works for the town.

  • Perhaps we should suggest to our Overseer that we need to guard this dwarven ruin as it has Obsidian which is necessary to make undead and the Kobolds will keep sending attacks to us if we don’t stop or slow their access to this stone.
Session 4 & 5

The party returned to the dwarven tower after killing a wandering zombie ogre just outside town.

The tower was explored and its troglodyte inhabitants were slain.

Luckily, Henry, who had been missing for almost a month, was found inside. He had been severely beaten but was otherwise ok.

Henry’s Update:
After the brave heros released me from my bonds there was much rejoycing and discussion. Meeting Nokism was a brief event and soon enough the adventurers and I opened the next door to be met by a fowl stench and an aggressive half starved fully driven to kamakazee giant frog that attacked the Soldier that watches over us, sadly one had to die and the frog unknowingly met its paradoxyl end in moments.

Soon enough we then found the way to the top of the tower and found the Kobold leader who kept a pet Alligator! These two were slain in short order. I found myself knocked out, weakened, swarmed, saved a chest of treasure from falling off a collapsing tower, which contained lots and lots of magic items amongst other stuff. I see it as a reward for my rescuers, as aside from escaping with my life, killing the leader of my captors, there was little else I left this evil tower with.

We look forward to BBQ Alligator for many a night to follow.



Session 3

The party is told to investigate a fire to the south east of town. They find a burned out homestead and tracks leadsing into the nearby mountains.

The tracks lead to a kobold lair and several creatures are eradicated including some stirges and kobolds. Some notable creatures were NOT eradicated including a ghost and a some sort of jelly cube that nearly consumed Cleaver.

Session 2

The party explored the surrounding region and found a partially ruined dwarven outpost 2 days march to the South East of Buovere.

The tower was partially explored before the party was forced to retreat back to town.

Session 1

The party arrived in Buovere and began to explore the surrounding areas. They killed a giant hunting lizard and returned to town.

The party met the Overseer and Sergeant Kelb Grayson.

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